12 May 2013

School Notes

As the ladies are quick to inform me, this school year is quickly drawing to a close.  I wanted to pause and list a few facts from this year.
Walking:  our ladies are walkers.  Charlotte and Josephine walk to school and home from school - even in the rain.  Rachel and Samantha walk home every day, even if they have after school practice until 6.
Separate:  This year we have two ladies in elementary school and two ladies in junior high, with Jay Michael in preschool three days a week.  That's the easy part.  Next year it will be one in high school, one in junior high, one in middle school and two in elementary.  Five kids, four schools?
Sports:  Rachel and Samantha participate in school sponsored sports, so they practice at school.  Charlotte and soon Josephine, will be participating in sports outside of school.

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