12 April 2013

Rachel, Economic Wonder

Rachel (ninth grade) has been busy lately, and she never saw it coming.  In her economics class one day there was a test.  It was a trial for the Arkansas Economics Challenge - a competition for economics students.  She did her best and never thought of it again.  Until last week, when her Econ teacher asked her what size shirt she wore - cause she made the team!?  What?  Rachel was stunned.  She even admits that she guessed at some of the answers.  This picture is from the regional championship - Rachel is in the blue shirt in the front and her three teammates from the junior high team are the other three girls on her side of the photo.  The other junior high team (the other four in the picture) took first place at this regional challenge and will advance to the state tournament.
In a field of 15 schools, Rachel's team took third - WOW!  Way to go, Rachel! 

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