23 April 2013

Cap and Gown

Jay Michael has been attending the local Baptist church's preschool program - Wee Care - and he loves it.  It's mornings, three days a week, and they cover letters, numbers, feelings, Bible stories, sharing, etc...  He's been to birthday parties for pretty little girls, participated in two programs (Christmas and spring) and he has made some good little friends.

Finally, it's time to graduate.  He has really progressed this year.  I truly believe that preschool is just a structured playtime.  I didn't expect him to come out of it understanding calculus.  He has played and laughed and learned and painted and colored and played and cut and pasted and built and planted and played and read and listened and learned to walk in a line.  Mission accomplished.  Now it's time to move on to school.

These are his Cap and Gown Photos.  I didn't buy these pictures.  It's not like I didn't want to buy them; they are precious.  It's just that money is tight, and I can take my own pictures.  Well, when I didn't sign up to have his pictures taken with the rest of his class, the director of the school asked me why not.  I told her.  The next day, she called me into her office.  She said that the photographer this year is her daughter, who has not taken a school picture like this before.  She wanted to practice on a model.  Would Jay Michael be interested?  I said, Sure!  For his time and modeling, he would get three proofs for free.  Yay!  I love it when life falls into place.

These are the results.  I love them!  Congratulations, Jay Michael.

The photographer is Abby Malone.  You can see more of her work here.  I think she did an amazing job capturing this moment in Jay Michael's sweet young life.  Thank You, Abby!

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Amy Anson said...

Those are adorable! She did a fabulous job.