25 November 2012

So Grateful ....

I am fascinated by how profoundly little snippets of life can expand my understanding.  Seriously.  Take one meal, for example.  Thanksgiving.  I was kidding with my brother and his wife, Dawn, about how they were coming to visit us during Thanksgiving break, but, since I'm no culinary artist, don't expect anything more than pizza.  Part of me was quite sincere.  Another part of me realized that pizza was a copout of the highest order.  And so, we did not have pizza.  We turned a meal into a weekend.  We lingered; we enjoyed doing little to nothing.  And I, at least, am grateful.
Jim, James' dad, came by to eat with us.  He brought a turkey, a casserole and a pecan pie.  Delicious.
David and Dawn brought food, too.  Dawn made a green bean casserole, stuffing, a whipped cream fruit concoction that everyone loved, and a crispy cabbage salad with vinegar that I really loved!  Awesome.
We took our honored guests to the Old Mill.  And we took pictures on a beautiful day.  We walked the trails and investigated all the rocks and climbed all over the mill.  Well, okay, the ladies and JMichael climbed and played.  David Dawn and I watched.  Lovely!

This is picture of Doctor Ball and her patient Ball.  Three of the kids also had strep throat for Thanksgiving. 
This last picture is not too Thanksgiving-ish (except for the two turkeys in it!  Sorry ladies.  I couldn't resist.)  Also over break the big ladies had a day job - covering books with dust jackets. 
We have so much to be thankful for - our health, our work, our family.  We are truly blessed.  We can find great meaning in the most simplistic of tasks.  We have plenty to eat; freedom of choice in a land that accepts our individuality;  and thankfully, we have each other.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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