03 November 2012


Trains are a big part of life in our rural Arkansas town.  The track goes right through the middle of town and it's a busy thoroughfare.  Our track is on the line that connects New Orleans to Chicago, by way of St. Louis, and as I write this, I can hear the train whistle.  Truly.

Today I wanted to capture the fall colors for our November 2012 splash picture and the railroad track gave us a beautiful display.  As we played around with various poses and groupings for the photo, we heard a train coming.  We quickly got to a safe place to let the train pass.  And yes, Ma, I had gone over the ground rules of being so close to a working train track before we got out of the car.  I was so touched to see the big ladies reach for their little sisters and brother as they scampered away.

Here are a few shots of our adventure with the iron horse:
First, we tied Samantha to the rails....
Then Josephine and Charlotte danced on the rails.
Then, when a train really did come by, we hid behind the switch building.  Notice that we first untied Samantha...  Rachel is missing because she was slow.  I'm kidding.  She ran down the gravel embankment and took the pictures for us.  What we don't do for our monthly splash pictures.

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Unknown said...

I love your monthly pictures! I look forward to them. Glad you all made it out alive