30 October 2012

Josephine's Baptism, Oct 2012

In our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, children are baptized at eight years old.

Our friend,Elizabeth Butler had this great idea for a shot - placing Josephine right in this painting with Jesus.  At baptism, Josephine became a member of the church and gains a fresh start - a clean slate - and is now accountable for her own actions.  Choose the Right is a huge montra around our house.

We had lots of family for the event.  My Mom and Dad (Juanita and Wayne Brumbley) are on the left - what a cute couple.  In red in the back is Dawn - and the bearded one next to her is my brother - David.  They got married just a few months ago!  That sweet smile in the back, in white, on the right is Monica Matthews, Josephine's second grade teacher.  We just love that she joined us.

This is what we are really like.

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