22 October 2012

Josephine is EIGHT

Josephine is EIGHT!

We made treats for her class at school - rice crispie pumpkins.  Pinterest makes me look so good!  Joey is in second grade.  She can do a full split (left and right; for center she is almost there - and she practices every day.)  She is reading above grade level, loving school, and she is currently making a house for her monster high and barbie dolls.  All paper, boxes, strings and even socks have been recycled into couches, beds, rugs and closets for her dolls.  She even makes them little magazines and cell phones.  Give this girl some paper and let her go.  She has quite the imagination!
For Joey's birthday weekend we had some great visitors - Grandad and Grandmom (aka Wayne and Juanita Brumbley) and her Aunt Dawn and Uncle David.  We love it when family comes to see us! 

We had a chess tournament - family tradition - and another stample - scrapple!  YUM!  My parents brought this Maryland delicacy.  My taste of home!
Not only did we celebrate Joey's birthday - more on that later - but, J. Michael had a soccer game and showed his skills to his grandparents and Aunt Dawn and Uncle David!

0 screams from the fans...: