11 December 2011

The Surprise and The Negro Spiritual

So, Charlotte is our middle child. Does that mean she gets the short end of the stick? You decide: Back in September, when Josephine had a birthday coming up, we were talking about party ideas as a family. Each of the ladies in turn talked about what a great memory they had of an outstanding party, just for them. Each of the ladies, except Charlotte. It's true, she said. Mom, I've NEVER had a birthday party. I had to agree. Her birthday is two days after Christmas. It's a tough time of year to do anything at all. The child will be nine this year and she's never had a party. Shameful, huh?

So I decided right there that Charlotte would have a party this year. A surrpise party! About one month before her birthday, I had nine of her very best buds at the house when she came in the door, still dripping wet, from swim practice. She was stunned. She said, Mom, why are they here? Don't they know it's not really my birthday? We had crafts and presents and candy and fun.

I took no pictures of this great event. You will have to beleive me when I say Charlotte looked dumbfounded when she walked in the door.

But: here's a video from her recent Christmas Concert. Josephine's class sang, too, but, I didn't record them. I was so glad to hear negro spirituals, calypso holidays songs and old Baptist standards. It was truly a Christmas program. Not a holiday program.

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