15 December 2011

I Won't Tell....

I won't tell how old James is now. I won't tell, because in three short months, it will be my birthday, too, and I will be the same age. It's great, by the way, to be so close in age. We have the same markers in our lives. You know? Like when a song comes on the radio, and we can both say, oh, remember? This was seventh grade! We remember the same events in history, we knew the gas lines of the seventies, the assassination attempts on Regan and shuttle explosion. We both remember when Lennon was shot.

Anyway, I digress.... James is a Vikings fan. Huge. This year I was walking through WalMart and I saw this purple tinsel tree. It was $6, and it was pre-lit. Seriously. So the ladies took the Viking Candy Cane ornaments and decorated his tree. What true Vikings fan does NOT have a set of Vikings Candy Canes? All purple and gold! I led him in, eyes closed, and the ladies and Jay Michael sang happy birthday. He loves it. And we love him. Happy Birthday, James!

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