30 November 2011

An English Laugh

I laugh every time I watch this clip. Every time. English is funny to me, though, so be warned.

To listen, first go to the bottom of the page and pause the music, then you will be able to hear it, isn't it?

27 November 2011

Cherstin! Thank You!

The BallTeam huddle!

Our amazing friend, Cherstin, took some pictures of the BallTeam at our local high school ball field. Wow. I will post more later, but, I had to get just a couple on here .... just to show you. I promise to put more up after Christmas, but, I have to "hide" a few until then. Thank you again, Cherstin, for showing us such a good time!

20 November 2011

Visit, November 2011

My folks came to visit this week, and they brought my youngest brother David along. They could only stay for an afternoon and the next day, but, we packed in plenty of chatter and visiting. Here's a shot of the whole bunch:
Back row standing: Grandparents Wayne and Juanita Brumbley and Jim and Jean Ball
Middle-ish row seated: Parents James and Tina Ball
Standing around us all: Kiddos Rachel (13), Jay Michael (3), Josephine (7), Charlotte (8) and Samantha (12)

Poor David took the picture and I didn't get another picture all weekend, except for the scrapple which they brought me. Yum. Come again everyone!

05 November 2011

Chrissi Richards ....

Josephine had a photoshoot!
She loved it; I loved it.
Do you want to see? You can!


Scroll down to "Tink" and click on Open Post.

Those big brown eyes just melt my heart!

Thank you Chrissi; just amazing!

02 November 2011


Rachel Mae - 13 years old

Samantha Marie - 12 years old

Charlotte Lareine - 8 years old

Josephine Lisette - 7 years old

Jay Michael - 3 years old

On a beautiful fall Sabbath afternoon, I forced my children to stand on the bridge at the local park and smile at me. I take the monthly picture every month. Hence the name. They know it's coming. They even, sometimes, suggest places or arrangements for future pictures. But just like clockwork, every month, when I say hey - let's go take the picture for the blog next month, I hear weeping and wailing. One day they will thank me for this monthly pictorial history. Until then, I will force them to smile at me, in unison, at least once a month.
This time I further tortured my children by insisting they do individual shots. I told them to find a spot all their own and pose. I think they turned out just perfect. But, I'm their Mom; I know just how beautiful they are....
And for good measure - the rarely photographed adults on the BallTeam: James and Tina.