02 November 2011


Rachel Mae - 13 years old

Samantha Marie - 12 years old

Charlotte Lareine - 8 years old

Josephine Lisette - 7 years old

Jay Michael - 3 years old

On a beautiful fall Sabbath afternoon, I forced my children to stand on the bridge at the local park and smile at me. I take the monthly picture every month. Hence the name. They know it's coming. They even, sometimes, suggest places or arrangements for future pictures. But just like clockwork, every month, when I say hey - let's go take the picture for the blog next month, I hear weeping and wailing. One day they will thank me for this monthly pictorial history. Until then, I will force them to smile at me, in unison, at least once a month.
This time I further tortured my children by insisting they do individual shots. I told them to find a spot all their own and pose. I think they turned out just perfect. But, I'm their Mom; I know just how beautiful they are....
And for good measure - the rarely photographed adults on the BallTeam: James and Tina.

3 screams from the fans...:

Emilee said...

I love these! I especially love the ones of you and James! My goodness, you are a cute couple with much love and it shows :)

Unknown said...

I love seeing your pictures every month and I get excited when you post. It has been fun getting to know you guys through your blog. Maybe someday we might actually get to meet in person :) keep 'em coming!

Katielin317 said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I hope all is well with you guys.