09 October 2011

Josephine Is Seven

Josephine is officially seven. It is almost impossible to believe how quickly time flies. She was born in North Carolina, at Woman's Hospital. She has been riding a bike and doing beautiful cartwheels for two years now. She is in the first grade and loves school. Her favorite part of the school day is math, she says, but she also says she loves P. E. Joey comes off as shy to adults, but, she is as playful and curious as any kid. She loves to draw and color, play and pretend.

Here are some facts about Josephine that everyone should know: her favorite animal is a monkey; her favorite color is pink; she has the longest first name in her class at school or church. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle, because, Joey says, she's the prettiest and she was nice to the beast and the furniture. When she grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian. Joey leaves notes and flowers for James and me, and her pictures she draws at school are full of her family and big pink hearts.
Josephine had a pumpkin party this year, with friends over to paint pumpkins, play pumpkin games and eat pumpkin pie for birthday cake. It was delicious. Although a few of her friends, who had never tried pumpkin pie, were not convinced it was delicious.
Here are a few photos of the big day:
painting pumpkins and party guests
pumpkin chunkins!

Pin the Nose on the jack-o-lantern and bobbing for apples!
Last week, Josephine celebrated turning seven by spending the gift card my folks sent her - she bought a lunchbox. Since they were on sale, she also bought Charlotte a lunchbox. So sweet.
In a few weeks, Joey and Charlotte will do the annual birthday/shopping lunch with James' side of the family. The birthday fun continues!
Happy Birthday, Joey!

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