01 October 2011


When Rachel entered the seventh grade, she was able to choose two electives. She chose art, which she later changed to choir, and forensics. Forensics, I asked? Like crime scene investigations? Rachel educated the rest of us in forensics. It seems that what James and I called theater and debate is now called Forensics. The students learn the art of performing poetry, prose, mime, duets, solos, debate and words/music. The intro year the students perform for their class and build their skills and confidence. At the end of the intro year students can try out for the JV team, which is the second year. Rachel loved her first year, made the JV team and now competes for her school. In her first tournament, held at historic Central High, among fifteen schools, her JV team took second place in words/music for their rendition of a scene in the Wiz, and Rae took seventh individually for her presentation in prose, doing a selection from Runaway, by Wendelin Van Draanen. Rachel was so excited. Break a leg, lady!!

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