18 June 2011


My friend Cindy and I were talking a while back about how she needed a ziploc baggie because she had a number of small items she wanted to keep together. I didn't have any baggies, and I mentioned that I only buy baggies when I have money leftover, because in my book, baggies are a luxury item. I mean luxury in the sense that they are not critical to survival, and you can find something else to use in their place. For example, we folded a piece of paper and taped the edges, making an envelope and put her small items in there. We didn't HAVE to have a baggie, but, it would have been easier and more convenient. It would have been a luxury.

We went on to talk about how when she was little, her mom told her often that she couldn't buy her q-tips, because they are a luxury. We found that what is a luxury to me (ziploc baggies) may be commonplace to another. I suppose it's just a matter of position and situation.

My friend is moving away. She brought me a present before she left and told me that she wanted me to have luxury. So sweet. Thank you, Cindy. I will be sending you q-tips every year for your birthday!

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Kim said...

The simple pleasures of life... Tina- I love reading your blog. :)