14 June 2011

Little Furry Friend

For approximately the last year, the BallTeam has played host to a sweet four legged guest - Lexi. She is the family dog of our friends, who weren't able to take her along when they moved last summer, but, always wanted her back with them. So, this weekend, our furry friend will leave us. I'm sure there will be tears. Such a good dog. I know her family has missed her, and I know she'll be happy to back with them, but, I hope in the back of her canine brain, she will remember her stay with our family, and smile a puppy smile.

Her before and after shots of her recent grooming. She has to be gorgeous for her trip, right?

1 screams from the fans...:

Megan said...

Oh, Tina,

We are so grateful for you and your family. It was so hard leaving her behind and it was made easier knowing that she was being loved and taken care of. I am sure she will always remember her time as a part of your family. I hope she remembers us ;)

How cute is she? Seriously!