31 May 2011

Hanging Out...

For our Memorial Day weekend, we hung out at a park. Literally.

And where is Rachel during all this "hanging out"?

In the great state of Arkansas, the legal age to get a driver's permit is 14. Fourteen! Rachel is practicing her driving in preparartion for the test. Another rite of passage looming on the horizon. Wow, don't they grow up fast....

29 May 2011

Medals, awards, bells and ribbons!

It's that time of year - assemblies and events time at school! So, if you'll indulge me, I'll brag on my four daughters - each talented, and each her own person....

In the top left we have Charlotte, the blurr diving for the gold. Swim season is on us and she attacks that water like there's a medal waiting for her at the other end of the pool...'cause there is!

Top right is Rachel, and she's the one on the right in the photo. This is the academic awards banquet for the junior high. Rachel received the Language Arts award for the seventh grade, for her writing. Also pictured are her two best buds from church - Camille and Lindsey. Great job, ladies!

Bottom left is Josephine, in the white dress, on the left. The kindergarten classes sang about five songs, played the hand bells and entertained us for the evening with their musical efforts. Also in this picture is Emma, Joey's friend from school and church (I love it when that happens, don't you?) in the top right corner of the photo; she has dark hair in braids.

Bottom right is Samantha - at her very last track and field day. Sad. 'Cause this girl can run. She won first in the 440 for the whole sixth grade, just the girls. But she would be quick to add that she can still smoke most of the boys, too.

28 May 2011

Our Graduate

Josephine has finished her first full year of school. Kindergarten was a tough transition for this sweet girl. At first she wouldn't let go of my leg, or she wouldn't get out of the van. Her teacher was very helpful and every parent teacher conference was nothing but praise for a sweet little girl who was ready to learn. Now that kindergarten is over, Josephine can read at the level of second semester first grader, she ties her own shoes, she calls her friends on the phone and she shows all the confidence and independence of the bright little lady we all knew she could become. It's bittersweet for a parent to see their little ones become strong independent voices. The mom in me wants the timid baby girl who refused to let go of my hand. But the real gift here is seeing how far our kids can reach and celebrating their accomplishments. We are all so proud of you , Joey. First grade will be even better!

27 May 2011

What did he say?

Jay Michael. Bless his sweet little heart. Sometimes I just can't understand a word that boy says. Mind you, some of it is crystal clear, but, sometimes I just don't get it. The other day we were saying prayers before bed and Jay Michael has a habit of repeating one phrase to himself while the person is praying aloud for the family. I suppose he thinks he is praying, too, and that's just fine. This particular night, Jay repeated what I thought sounded like, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter... I was confused. Samantha was saying the prayer that night and did not mention Harry Potter. I told him, Jay Michael, during the prayer, you need to be reverent. He said, in his sweet three year old voice, Momma, I good. I talk to Heavenly Father. And we thought he was saying Harry Potter? Kids know. He knew he was saying Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father. Good boy, Jay.

And don't you love his summer-do? All curls on top. Delicious!

26 May 2011

Lack of....

....that's the funny thing about a blog. When you are so busy living, you have much to tell the world, many great photos and a host of antecdotes. Ironically, you are also too busy to post anything about your adventures on your blog, because you are living them. So it goes.