28 May 2011

Our Graduate

Josephine has finished her first full year of school. Kindergarten was a tough transition for this sweet girl. At first she wouldn't let go of my leg, or she wouldn't get out of the van. Her teacher was very helpful and every parent teacher conference was nothing but praise for a sweet little girl who was ready to learn. Now that kindergarten is over, Josephine can read at the level of second semester first grader, she ties her own shoes, she calls her friends on the phone and she shows all the confidence and independence of the bright little lady we all knew she could become. It's bittersweet for a parent to see their little ones become strong independent voices. The mom in me wants the timid baby girl who refused to let go of my hand. But the real gift here is seeing how far our kids can reach and celebrating their accomplishments. We are all so proud of you , Joey. First grade will be even better!

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