07 April 2011

Junior High South Soccer Update

Rachel was thrilled to make the Junior High South soccer team as a seventh grader. She has played goalie in the local small town rec league for the last three years, so she wanted the goalie spot for her school team, too. Being a seventh grader, she knew she would be back up, since the back up goalie from last year was now the eight grader with more experience. She is riding the bench most games, but, she has had some time in goal - and a few good saves to boot! Rachel has even had some field time as defense and forward, but, she says she'd rather be in the goal! The team travels to away games and rides the school bus. I can remember the same thing in seventh grade (except I played field hockey) and it was a big deal. Fun memories of school! So far, the team has had a great season - with a record of 5 wins, 2 losses. The season has just one more game to go - against cross town rival Junior High North!

I love this snapshot of Rachel's fans! The kids love the games. Jay shouts, "Kick it Rachel", whether Rae is on the field or on the bench. So cute.

0 screams from the fans...: