15 April 2010

Josephine Is A Star

There's nothing cuter than pixilated little soccer stars....(and the un-pixilated one, of course!)

Josephine has started her first organized sport - soccer. Her team is called the Stars and they wear bright screaming yellow jerseys. She is one of six kids on the team. Everyone plays, there is no goalie, and no-one keeps score - officially. Her first few practices were not easy; I had to do the warm-ups with her because she wouldn't play if I weren't on the field with her. Now (about three weeks into the season) she will walk right up to her team and start without me. Progress. She has a friend from church on her team, and her coaches are day-care teachers, so they are great with the kids. The Stars won their first game, even though one of the little guys on her team scored twice for the opposing team! Josephine scored twice, too! Go Stars!

learning the rules through drills

1 screams from the fans...:

Kim said...

Josephine, you are too cute! We miss you!