13 February 2010


The parachute-ists: Clockwise, starting with the blue (about 7 o'clock) Josephine, Charlotte, Jay, Rachel, Samantha, Friend L, Friend K and Friend A.

Samantha (10 years old) competes for a local gymnastics team. She trains nine hours a week at the gym. She works hard and has the skills to prove it. All this athletic ability is fantastic for her and she loves to practice. I am so thankful to the gym that allows her to let her talent shine. I am also truly thankful that they allow me to trade her coaching fees, some of them, anyway, for my cleaning services. I vacuum and clean the gym every week. Big place, lots of vacuuming, but, a great opportunity for Samantha. Another perk is that while I am cleaning, the kids get to play there. SO FUN! Bouncey floors, two huge trampolines, balance beams, mats, mats, mats and a big foam pit! During our snow days this week, all the kids, plus three lucky friends got to go with me to the gym. Some photos of the fun:

There was plenty more fun, but, I only took a break to take pictures while the big kids entertained the little kids with the chute.

3 screams from the fans...:

Casey said...

Oh! I miss that place. How Fun.
Glad to see her doing gymnastics again. she's so talented.

angelalois said...

that is a sweet swapping deal. tire the kids out and you get a little vacuuming "exercise" ... I love it! nice bargaining skillz.

Kim said...

Tina- she is SO going to thank you............................ Someday. Well I am sure she already does- BUT I am sure it will come in loads of love in the future. You are the best mother!!!