24 February 2010

Jay Michael Is TWO

Deuce is deux. Two whole years of living, playing, growing and eating. (This boy can eat.) For his birthday we had a cookie-cake. He didn't enjoy the candles and his sisters helped him by blowing them out. Maybe next year.

We went out for Chinese food with one set of grandparents and opened gifts from another set. We had ice cream cones and an afternoon at the playground, complete with a soccer ball.

Maybe he did spend his first two weeks of life pinned down in a NICU crib, but, he's been making up for it ever since. At two, Jay can say about two dozen words, put his clothes in the laundry pile, find his shoes and drive his trucks all over the house. He throws every ball he finds. Every ball. He gives kisses, "reads" his books and fetches his own diapers. He's brilliant, funny and resourceful. Jay knows exactly which sister to go to for whatever he needs (Rachel fills his water cup, Samantha gives piggy-back rides...)
Isn't he just adorable? We love you, Jay.
Happy Birthday.

3 screams from the fans...:

Chelsie said...

ADORABLE! YES! I was laughing about the ball throwing the ball, because I remember Emilee coming over before Jake, I guess, had discovered his love of throwing balls. There was a ball nearby and Tyler threw it right at her head. I mean, HIS mom always caught balls thrown at HER head. Emilee made this, like, Yelp and cOnVuVsEd out of the way.

OOOHHHH... it was so funny.

Then, a couple years later, she was over again, and the same thing happened with Caleb.

And then, a couple years later, Jackson threw one at her.

Good times, good times.

Janelle Rothe said...

My goodness! I can't believe he is TWO!!! How crazy! He sure is cute, and lucky for you he still has all his curls!!!! Happy Birthday Jay!!!

angelalois said...

I didn't realize our little guys are so close in age. Wesley will be 2 in May! How fun! I love the toddler update; he is a cutie. Ahh little boys. Does he throw STUFF too? Wesley chucks EVERYTHING, not just balls.