10 December 2008

Ten Month Check-Up

Jay actually only had one shot at his well-child check - the flu shot. The doctor says his lungs are clear and healthy. He is teething, crawling and using both hands equally well, just like he should. He eats anything & everything in his path (he weighs 22 lbs). The doctor did a play-time kind of test with him to see how well he gets around, how he holds objects and how he solves problems. He passed everything just fine. What a whiz-kid; and so handsome, too.

Snoozing in the big car seat - and a new trick - up on his knees - one step closer to climbing out of his crib!

2 screams from the fans...:

Unknown said...

So, small world! I just realized on one of my blog-hopping adventures that you have my cousin Michael Allen on your blogs. Do you know Michael or Moka?

Chelsie said...

Oh! they grow up so fast! He is so cute! And so big!