14 December 2008


Josephine is in HIPPY (a home-based preschool program that has group meetings once a month) and this month we had a Christmas Party. I must say that I am glad to see that some organizations are still willing to call this time of year Christmas. It wasn't a Winter Party, or something generic, it was a full blown Christmas party with Santa and all the trimmings. Sorry, to all my Jewish readers, but, I'm sure that if your party is meant to celebrate your Jewish traditions and culture, you would want it the same way, right? That's a Hanukkah party, not a Holiday Festival. Let's call an apple an apple. But, I digress...

Josephine is the first of our kids to actually sit on Santa's lap. She walked right up there and smiled for the camera and told Santa she wanted a "swim baby". What a big girl. December 2008

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