16 August 2018


These two - Samantha (19) and Charlotte (15) - are pretty excited here.  You know why?  They are holding paychecks!  This is Charlotte's first ever paycheck from a real job with taxes withheld and everything.  Samantha is on her third job, so she's a pro, but, it's still exciting.  This is her highest paying job to date.  Minimum wage in Maryland is $9.50 and these two started at Aquafit at higher than minimum!  My first job paid $2.25 an hour and I thought I was rich!

They started at Aquafit, which is a physical therapy gym, with classes and yoga and personal trainers.  Samantha and Charlotte run the front desk, making appointments, taking money, renting lockers, checking in clients and answering the phone.  They plan to work up through the ladder - Samantha moving into the accounting side and Charlotte wants to be a certified life guard - both get the benefit of the whole facility, which includes a heated pool, sauna, hot tub, all the classes....what a deal.

And as an aside - do you know what these two did with some of the money from their first paycheck?  They hired someone to mow our two acres.  Dang sweet.  I mean, they win too, because they won't have to mow, but, they did it for all of us.  Mowing two acres with a push mower in summer is no joke.  Thank you ladies!

07 August 2018

Kent County AllStars 2018 Go Public

 We live in the least populated county in Maryland.  The least.  There are fewer people here in Kent County than in any other Maryland County, no matter the physical size of the County.  So here, instead of worrying about crime or environmental issues (both of which we still have, just lots less), our County Commissioners can take time from their weekly meeting to recognize this fine group of young men.  The Commissioners spoke to the boys about their baseball experience, praised them on their skills and dedication, and presented them with certificates bearing their names and position on the team.  All this took place in the public forum, with the public invited and the press there, too.
William Pickrum, President; Ron Fithian, Commissioner, then three coaches, and William Short, Commissioner, plus our team of All Stars.  All the boys live in Kent County and represented our district (including Dorchester, Talbot, Caroline, Queen Anne's and Kent Counties) in the Maryland State Tournament.  JMichael is standing in the second row, just in front of Commissioner Short.

03 August 2018


This beautiful sunset is part of what makes living out in the country so amazing.  We are surrounded by beauty.  The sign in silhouette is Welcome to Kennedyville.

31 July 2018

Rachel - July 2018

Rachel headed back to Arkansas after leaving us in June at David and Dawn's house.  She took Samantha with her and Samantha was able to visit her friends and work at Tasty Freez again.  She stayed with Rachel about three weeks.  Rachel drove back here to Maryland in mid July, to bring Samantha home and she stayed a few short days - visiting her friends here and resting up for her return drive to Arkansas.  While she was here, we all went down to Eric and Abbey's house to hang out with them, too.  Abbey talked to Rachel about a possible job, and, if everything goes well, Rachel may be moving to Maryland on her own in a few weeks.  Ah, the life of the young and single!

Rachel has always been her own person - ready to leap, to try and to explore.  She wants to get her education and pay her bills - all while hiking trails and meeting new people.  She's a dreamer, with a conscience.  She's a planner - with big ideas.   For my part, I would love to see her move to Maryland and finish her degree here.  But again, this is Rachel.  She will do it her way - I just try to make the path easier.
Rachel and Samantha, from the top of Mt. Pinnacle, Arkansas.  July, 2018

Splash - July 2018

Our splash for July was taken in Kansas, while visiting David and Dawn.  All five are together for this trip, so we have another group shot this time.  It struck me recently that the fact that Rachel lives in Arkansas and we live in Maryland is not the only reason that I can't always have all five in a splash picture.  In about a year, Samantha will be finished with her second year of college and will have to transfer away to a university to finish her Bachelor's.  The year after that, Charlotte will graduate high school and she could join the peace corps or head to college on a swim scholarship, who knows?  Two years after Charlotte, Josephine graduates, and will surely leave us for college.  By then, her sisters may be married and living wherever.  It's all going to happen in an instant.  But, today, right here, they are all together and that's a lot.

26 July 2018

Samantha is Nineteen

It's still  happening.  Samantha had another birthday, even though she will tell you she doesn't want to get any older.  Recently she had to contact her bank because she needed to know about a deposit she had made while she was in Arkansas.  She was asking me if she was calling the right place and asking the right questions.  I told her she was handling it all just right.  Her response?  Ugh, mom.  I don't like this adulting thing.  Growing older is no fun.  I'm not doing it.

Instead, she is growing into an ever more responsible adult.  She handles her own financial aid forms and registrations for college.  She worked at tasty Freez while she was visiting Arkansas this summer and she is job hunting now that she's back in Maryland.  She is quite capable of this adulting thing, whether she wants to do it or not.

Samantha is single, and after her breakup with long time love Jonboy, she is having trouble finding a friend.  She doesn't want a boyfriend, she says.  She just wants friends, and boys just want girlfriends.  Samantha is attending Chesapeake College and finishing her general education requirements while deciding what she wants to be if she ever grows up.  At this point she's an accounting major, but, that is subject to change.

This year her watermelon/birthday cake was a seedless yellow melon - fruit as always, and with a twist for our nineteen year old.  We watched "NI'm Inteen" on the Frog Prince - a nineteenth birthday tradition my mom started when I turned Nineteen.  And we played Dice - more family game night.  A birthday settled in at home, with netflix, games and fruit - yup, that's our Samantha Marie.

20 July 2018

Volleyball, KCHS 2018

Charlotte is an active young lady.  She likes her netflix, don't get me wrong, but, if there's something going on, you can bet she will want to be in the midst of it.  Since school is about six weeks away, she is getting ready for volleyball season.  The team seniors sponsor unofficial 'practices', which are really just work out sessions, to prepare for the season.  These work outs are from 7 am to 9 am and they run the bleachers, stretch, sprint and work the free weights.  I can tell you that they are working hard.  Charlotte is sore, and then, this happens.

Charlotte, seven thirty on a Thursday night - I'll watch Jeopardy with you, Momma.  And then, before we even find the first Daily Double, ZZZZZZZZZ.  Yeah for volleyball season.