31 July 2017

Splash - July 2017

The splash this month is a little different.  I only had four kids, since Rachel is still in Arkansas.  Samantha was able to put Rachel's picture in JMichael's "hands" through Snapchat.  The bridge is the Chesapeake City Bridge over the C&D Canal, where we went for fireworks.

20 July 2017

They are here....

Rachel and Evan are here in Maryland!  They arrived late tonight after a two day drive.  Whew!  All back under one roof.  Yay!!!  Now it's time to move them in and hit the beach!

12 July 2017

My salad

I was at work today and my family was at the grocery store.  They texted and asked if I wanted something for a lunch and I said, sure; I'd love a salad.  (Our local grocery store has a salad bar.)

A salad is a personal thing.  You can put on it what you like; and in the proportions that you like.  My family made me a perfect salad.  I am happy and proud to know that they know me so well that they made a salad that I would have made myself, with no direction from me other than, sure; I'd love a salad.

And on a side note, I'm so happy to live again near a town that has a salad bar in the grocery store!  My kids have never seen this concept in Arkansas, and it has been a hit with them, too!

10 July 2017

The little truck that could....

 There's a little town to the north of us, "up the shore" and as you come into town from the south, you pass a yard with piles of various types of dirt and gravel.  If you look closely, you can see in this picture that the owners have a sense of humor.  The next picture is a close up of the first.

Country living.  It makes me smile every time.

30 June 2017

Splash - June 2017

This splash was an easy pick.  Moving day is full of emotions and this photo catches the BallTeam as we head out of Arkansas - moving day to Maryland.  By the time we took this shot the van is fully loaded and we are about ready to head out.  What you cannot see in this picture are the friends and family that helped us load the van.  Each of the kids has a different level of enthusiasm, but, everyone is excited to start a new adventure.  How better to begin than by leaping off of a moving van?  June, 2017 - the BallTeam leaves Arkansas for Maryland.

26 June 2017

Girl's Camp 2017

Charlie, in the red sweatshirt, middle, went to girls camp this year.  This was her second year.  We have lived in Maryland for less than a month; she's met some of these girls maybe three times in that time, and with no hesitation she is off.  This girl does not know a stranger.  She is fearless.  And she had a great time.  My favorite story of hers after camp started like this:  Mom, guess what?  I am really good at archery.  That's how I had my chocolate at camp.  They gave out Reese's cups for bullseyes.  I had lots of Reese's cups.

24 June 2017

Mary's Graduation

Who is Mary?  Good question.  We are all still not sure.  One of the families in our new ward has a daughter named Mary who apparently graduated from high school.  They had a party, invited the ward, and we went.  You don't meet people if you stay home, right?  Plus, they were having crabs.  That's a game changer, I don't care who you are.  So we went to Mary's graduation party, even though, sorry Mary, I couldn't pick you out of a line up.  Thanks for the fun evening and good food.
We may live in Maryland now, but, we still take our Cabot and Arkansas gear with us proudly!