30 September 2018

Splash - September 2018

The September Splash was a re-creation of a picture from the fall of 2012 - just laying in the leaves.  In a few short years their faces have changed; their smiles are still genuine.  I just love them.
Fall 2012

18 September 2018

November Rain In September

If you look closely at this picture, you will see that the name of the candle scent is November Rain.  Josephine, always the curious one, smelled the candle and proclaimed, Maybe.  Could be August Rain, or January Rain.  Mom, why does the Yankee Candle Company think rain smells different in different months?

I have no idea, Josephine.  But, I do know that you should never stop asking questions.

17 September 2018

JMichael on two wheels

JMichael had a bike in Arkansas, but, he never learned to ride it without training wheels.  On our street in Arkansas, he had neighborhood friends who saw him at six or seven still trying to master his bike with training wheels and that was the end of that - he didn't want to hear about it from them, so he never learned.  When we moved, we gave away his bike because it was too small for him.

Now in Maryland, Eric and Abbey had Gavin's old bike and graciously gave it to the now ten year old who can't ride a bike.  It took about twenty minutes before he was racing up and down our long driveway with no trouble at all.  Charlotte and Samantha were out there, yelling pointers and pushing him to get started.  Success.

When I get home from work now, and JMichael's bike is not in its parking spot, then he's off in our little community at his friends' houses and riding around.  The rule - be home before dark and if mom or dad has to come looking for you, the bike is off limits for a while.  So far, he has loved his little taste of freedom and we can count on him to burst through the door at the setting sun and say, what's for supper?!

04 September 2018

First Day of School 2018-19

Our bunch is up this morning and ready for an early start.  School begins at seven thirty in the morning here in Maryland, and you can see by the fog behind them that the sun is not even up all the way yet.

Charlotte is at Kent County High School and starting tenth grade.  She is excited about her electives this year because they begin a "career path". Charlotte chose nursing and her class is ten girls and one boy.  They will have hands on labs and field trips all related to nursing.
Josephine is at the top of the middle school this year in eighth grade.  She is still in the STEM program and for an added challenge she has qualified (because her grades are amazing) to start Spanish.  Most kids get to start in ninth grade, but, she and a few other eighth graders get to start now.  She is ready for a new challenge.

JMichael is also at the top of his school - in the fifth grade.  He has many of the kids from his baseball and soccer teams in his class and he is excited to get back into a routine.  He still gets a little help at school with reading/language for his dyslexia, but, he loves math.  JMichael is coming out of his shell a little too.  He loves to play the clown.
Yes, Charlotte wore those shoes all day.
Love these three.  2018-19