31 July 2018

Rachel - July 2018

Rachel headed back to Arkansas after leaving us in June at David and Dawn's house.  She took Samantha with her and Samantha was able to visit her friends and work at Tasty Freez again.  She stayed with Rachel about three weeks.  Rachel drove back here to Maryland in mid July, to bring Samantha home and she stayed a few short days - visiting her friends here and resting up for her return drive to Arkansas.  While she was here, we all went down to Eric and Abbey's house to hang out with them, too.  Abbey talked to Rachel about a possible job, and, if everything goes well, Rachel may be moving to Maryland on her own in a few weeks.  Ah, the life of the young and single!

Rachel has always been her own person - ready to leap, to try and to explore.  She wants to get her education and pay her bills - all while hiking trails and meeting new people.  She's a dreamer, with a conscience.  She's a planner - with big ideas.   For my part, I would love to see her move to Maryland and finish her degree here.  But again, this is Rachel.  She will do it her way - I just try to make the path easier.
Rachel and Samantha, from the top of Mt. Pinnacle, Arkansas.  July, 2018

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