12 June 2018

Galena Lions - Kent County Youth Baseball

Galena Lions
Coach Chris, Coach Kevin and Coach Tate
Noah, Braydon, Taymir, RJ, Teeter, JMichael, Jonathan
Ben, Aiden, Jordan and Bjorn
Kent County Maryland Youth Baseball Champions - U12

This is a great group of boys.  Eleven of them.  Nine are in the same class at school.  From the first day of practice until today - the championship game - I never heard a negative word from any of them.  They worked hard, played hard and became a tighter group of boys.  The coaches were always ready with a tip or an "atta boy".  Each player got to be the pitcher, if only for a few batters.

JMichael played first base every game.  He improved tons.  He didn't like pitching, but he didn't do too badly at it.  This was his very season of baseball and he made the All-Star Team for Kent County.  The Lions had an undefeated season.  Not only did they never lose, but, most of the games were called because of the slaughter rule - I think the closest score was 12-5.  The boys came together and worked the plays, won the games and were good sports about it all.

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