14 March 2018

Rachel is Twenty

I know every parent feels this - time goes by too quickly; I wish she was still three and reaching for my hand to cross a street; where did all the moments go?  I can still hear her laugh, her morning sneezes, her song coming from the shower.  I hope I always will.  Today the baby who made me a mom is twenty.  Twenty.  Happy Happy Birthday Rachel Mae.

Rachel is - above all else - her own person.  I am proud of that person.  She is the Miss Independent of our family.  She is opinionated, capable, curious and fearless.  She is comfortable singing on stage or comforting a crying child.  She is the second mother of our family, ready to run an errand, make a meal or tell her siblings what to clean up and how.  She can draw; she can sing; she loves music and sleep and she gives me a good run at chess.  The price of all this independence is that she is not always around.  She is doing her thing and she is making her way.  We love you and miss you.  Happy Birthday Rachel Mae.
Arby Girl, RaeMae, Coccinelle
Obligatory fingers poses - you may be an adult, Rachel, but, you know that Mom still needs tradition!
The pecan pie is another tradition.  Rachel spent her 16th, 17th and now her 20ieth birthdays away from home.  I have managed each time to have a pecan pie delivered to her.  You should always have your favorites on your birthday.  Love you, Rachel, and thank you, Krista (this year's pecan pie fairy)!!!

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