30 December 2017


 So, this happened.  I'm not a fan of the snow.  It's pretty, but, that's all I'll give you.  I've never tried skiing.  Why?  'Cause you need snow.  I do like the Winter Olympics, though.

So after Christmas break, we had a snow break.  The kids were home from school for three days.  Everyone had lots of time to catch up on Netflix.
The sunset from our back door.

This is Evan.  He just crawled out of the back hatch of Rachel's car, which just landed in a snow drift.  She hit some black ice, and then went airborne til this snow embankment provided a soft place to land.  See how there are NO TRACKS behind her car.  All net.  Sheesh.  No one was hurt; the car is drive-able, but, wow.  Rachel was shaken and has new respect for driving in snow.

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