01 June 2017

Splash - May 2017

This is the second of five pictures in this series - BallTeam graduates.  In May 2016 we had Rachel in her cap and gown.  Now it's 2017 and it's Samantha's turn.  Charlotte will be in the ninth grade next year, so we will have a gap until 2021.  I am so proud of how they can come together for each other.  They are all such different people, but, they are united when it comes to each other.  Graduation was a big deal to Samantha.  She cherished high school and she is reluctant to change, but, here she is - leaving behind what she loved and standing at the threshold of her future, all with a huge smile and a willing heart.  We are all about to head into change.  That's where the adventure is, right?

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