14 June 2017

Del-Mar Rocks

We went on a picnic - which is becoming a regular occurrence - in Betterton, a beach town about eight miles from our house.  While James fired up the grill, the ladies found this rock - Be a Helper, with a bee painted on it.  The note that was with it said that it was part of Del-Mar Rocks, a Facebook group that paints rocks with uplifting messages and hides them all over the Eastern Shore.  The instructions tell you to move the rock to a new location and post a picture on Facebook.  That is exactly what we did!

On a related note, this is precisely the activity that the Young Women were doing in our ward for the coming week' activity.  We just didn't know that it was already a "thing" and that there was a Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook at Del-Mar Rocks.

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