22 April 2017

Pinewood Derby 2017

Cub scouts is great fun for our little man.  He gets to hang out with all boys and build a race car.  I haven't told him yet about cub day camp this summer.  He will be in heaven.  Here he is - far right - sitting with Derek and Israel, before the racing began. 
And now here he is at the end of a fun evening - including a cub inspired dinner of hot dogs, chips and cookies - he didn't place.  But that's okay; he got best in show and had fun with his friends.  The racing was pretty intense.  JMichael's car actually won a few races by placing it backwards on the track.  I didn't get a picture of the track - quite a chore to assemble, but, wow, it's fast and the boys thought it was great.  Some older kids - the Murphey's boys (Shane and Ryan) ran the program which decided who races when and where and against whom.  It was a double elimination round robin tournament.  Every car in every lane, twice, and against every other car in the pack.  It sounded pretty complicated, but, they handled it all.  Some families brought cars from years past and afterward the cubs finished their cars, we had a few fun heats with now retired family cars.  It was a great activity and I think we learned a few tricks to apply to next year's car - like start working on the car earlier than the day before the race!

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