07 March 2017

Are YOU trippin?

This was Samantha's outfit for school today.  I had never seen this shirt before so I said, Hey, nice shirt.  Where did it come from?  She says, Funny story, Mom.

A guy in her first period class was wearing this shirt and she genuinely commented that she liked his shirt.  He said thanks and they went about their lives.  This guy was just described as a guy in her first period class.  Not someone she's known since third grade, not a friend, not even a friend of a friend.  Just a guy from her first period class.

Now the detail of first period is an important one.  Samantha does not attend her first period class on a regular basis.  We are have serious getting up and out the door on time issues and she says even her first period teacher is astonished on the off chance she is actually there, physically in the classroom before the bell rings.

So the next time she graced her first period peers with her presence, this "guy in her first period class" pulls from his backpack the very shirt Samantha commented on and is sporting today.  He said, here.  I bought you a shirt.  I carried it around until you came to class again.  He probably had big puppy dog eyes and a lost expression on his face.

On the way home from school today, she was telling her dad his story.  I said Samantha, repeat after me, "I like your car...."  Beware the big brown eyes, boys.  They will cast their spell.

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