27 February 2017

Splash - February 2017

Yes, this was late January, 2017.  Rachel and Josephine are in short sleeves.  Rachel is even in shorts.  It was 70 degrees just after dark at Tasty Freeze.  Samantha was out with her friends and they had a flat tire, so we waited on her.  Rachel was at work and I was running out of time to get their picture taken for the February splash.  Charlotte cut these hearts out of red construction paper and Josephine taped them all to the red ribbon.  They are sitting on the picnic table at Tasty Freeze, with our car's high beams lighting their torsos.  Seriously last minute.  When you have five busy kids, plenty of life, a full time job, busy church callings, laundry, flat tires: sometimes you just throw it together and hope for the best, right?

This photo is still fantastic.  I hope they each realize I love them.  I would show my heart proudly like they are each doing here.  In this picture I see my sweet Ball Team showing love.  Hold your heart high; share it with your sisters and brother.  Smile; pose for mom - even if the customers in the parking lot laugh at us.

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