17 January 2016

Eight is Great

This is JMichael's primary class.  Three boys and three girls - all turning eight years old this year.  JMichael is first; his birthday is February 20.  In the back is their teacher - Sister Duncan - and this sweet group picture was taken at their "Eight is Great" night.  The class went over baptism, responsibilities and accountability.  Eight is a very important year - in Mormonism, at eight years old you become accountable for yourself.  JMichael can be baptized and become an official member of the church.  On their "Eight is Great" night they talked about what they have learned, what their goals are how they feel about it all.  There was a lot of giggling and a lot of shy looks, but this is a fun group of kids and they are learning so much.

JMichael is the cutie in the plaid shirt.  Adorable, huh?  Eight is Great.

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