17 October 2015

Homecoming, 2015

Samantha danced with her team at homecoming this year and my friend was there taking pictures.  She was able to get some close up shots and I'm so grateful.  I love that I am able to publish this blog because I view every shot and post as a piece of time I was able to capture.  One day I'll be 80 and I'll read these posts and stare at the pictures which froze time for only an instant and saved it here for me to enjoy later.  Samantha can look back at 80 and see herself in living color as a beautiful 16 year old girl dancing at the homecoming game.  Her grandchildren will one day, I hope, enjoy these posts and pictures, too.  This goes, of course, for all my beautiful children and their grandchildren and generations to come.  For all I know Samantha when she she's 80, will still be able to do a grand jetee like she is doing in the last picture.  (She's the one directly above the 0, front and center.)  Go Panthers!
And Charlotte was there, too! Walking in the homecoming parade with the float for her swim team, the Wahoos.  So beautiful.

0 screams from the fans...: