14 June 2015

Coach Charlotte

Charlotte may only be 12 years old, but, she's been swimming for the same team for about half of her life!  She swims for two teams - one year round and very competitive, the Dolphins, and one only in the summer, very recreational, the Piranhas.  This is her fifth season as a piranha, and she is now a junior coach.  She helps out with the 6 year olds in getting their skills down.  At 6 years old you can compete in the kickboard races - very low stress - and if you want to, you can compete against the older kids and make times.  Charlotte says mostly kids just want to have fun and since they are only six, swimming is just about having fun.  She gets frustrated because she has learned that kids don't listen.  What a valuable lesson.  She says she tries to tell them how to swim the right way and they just want to play.  Hahaha.  Listen to your coach!

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