10 July 2014


This post will not contain any pictures of fireworks.  Our Independence Day celebration included a visit from Dad and Ma, David Dawn and Adam!  We swam in the hotel pool, we ate out, we hung out at the house and played chess and watched movies.  The little ladies showed everyone their tricks on the trampoline and we even took the citizenship test, just to get into the spirit of the holiday.  We played with Adam, we chased Adam, we bounced Adam on the trampoline.  David even took a spin on the vespa with Rachel.  We saw fireworks, we chatted and ate ice cream.  We had a great visit and I took absolutely no pictures. 

Fortunately, my friend Cheryl Davis did.  We all went to the park and she made us look good.  Thank you so much for these awesome photos! 

Warning::::  Lots of pictures follow.  Happy Fourth of July!

Dawn, David, Adam, Dad, James, Ma, Charlotte, JMichael, me, Rachel, Samantha and Josephine
The Ball Team, July 2014

Wayne and Juanita Brumbley, aka Dad and Ma

David, Dawn an Adam, aka Ahdahm.  What a cutie.  So cute.

Our ladies - Samantha (14), Charlotte (11), Rachel (16) and Josephine (9)

The their little man - JMichael (6)

Close up shot of Sambalam.
And a close up of Charlie girl.

JMichael - playing in the tunnel.

Charlotte, I agree; teenagers are hysterical.
Beautiful smiles.

Random shoe shot.

Chatting on the bridge.

And another shot of the cute little guy.

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