12 August 2013

Building A House

Josephine (eight years old) has had a busy summer.  She has created an entire house out of stuff she found around the house.  In this picture, she is posing in her "bedroom".  That bunkbed she made is actually a step stool, turned upside down.  The night table is a wipes container and on the top bunk you can see the laptop computer and magazines she has made for her dolls.  She's made an entire house - a kitchen with food in the fridge, a garage for the scooter and bikes for her dolls.  She's cut up clothes that don't fit any more and I bring home boxes for her to create closets and rooms and furniture.  She has a few injuries from her favorite design tool - the hot glue gun.  All of the furniture and accessories are to scale and all of it is full of imagination.  Will she be an architect, an engineer or a designer?  It's all up to her.  You go, girl!

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