27 February 2013

Jay Michael is FIVE

James Michael Ball, II turned five years old on February 20, 2013.  JMichael is so grown up.  Since he is the baby of the family, I feel his advances a little more deeply, I think.  I don't rush him to do much, since part of me realizes that this childhood of his will be the last childhood I get to experience as a mom.  My next childhood will be through my grandchildren.  That better not be any time soon....

At five, JMichael is full of life.  He is captivated by any sport that involves a ball.  You name it and he will play it and watch it for hours - football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball....  He even knows many of the rules and terms of rugby.  He would rather play with a ball than any other toy.  His sisters at this age were into matchbox cars and legos and little people, but not JMichael.  If it's not a ball, he's not too interested.

He can write his name, sing the alphabet and count to twenty without stopping.  He is left handed.  He dresses himself, puts away his clothes and is quite the enthusiast about our star chart.  He loves his dogs and being outside.  JMichael goes to WeeCare, a baptist preschool, three mornings a week.  He is still mortally allergic to nuts of all kinds and mildly allergic to grass, trees and moss.  He never lets his allergies get in his way.  They worry me, but, not JMichael.

He is sweet and playful.  He is willful and dedicated.  He is James' biggest fan and loves to spend his days with Daddy.  I interviewed the birthday boy and he says:
favorite color:  red
favorite part of school: playing outside
favorite food: chicken

He doesn't have a favorite TV show cause he rarely watches TV.  He thinks TVs are just the screens for games, not shows.  He can work an iphone and an xbox better than I can.  He is excited about kindergarten because he wants to eat in a cafeteria.  Cute.

We all love our little man, JMichael.

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