06 January 2013

Star Chart

We are always in the hunt for the perfect way to get the kids to do chores and generally be good BallTeam members.  Our newest incarnation is the "Star Chart".  It's actually a spiral notebook and on one page we write, Week Ending _______.  The page is divided into five sections and the ladies and JMichael earn stars throughout the week.  Stars are earned by doing deeds which are not required.  Everyone has regular chores.  This is not about those chores.  If I ask Samantha to empty the dishwasher, she does not get a star.  If she empties the dishwasher without being asked, she gets a star.  Star jobs must be witnessed and done to a parent's satisfaction to count for a star.  Only parents can award stars.  Parents can also take away stars for misbehaving.

The kiddo with the most stars by Saturday at supper wins the week.  The prize is always the same: a date out alone with Dad and Mom or Dad or Mom.  These dates have a $5 per person limit, so nothing extravagant.  This week's winner was ........
I will post future Stars here and let you know if this our perfect rewards system.  Samantha gets the credit for inventing this system.  She thought it would encourage helpful behavior and reward good deeds.  So far, so good!

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