25 August 2012

First Dance

Samantha made the junior high dance squad and has been back at practice since about a month before school started.  The team has worked hard and had the chance to strut their stuff at Football Frenzy this weekend.  It's the junior and senior high's way of introducing the teams.  Each school's football team divides in half - one in red jerseys, one in white jerseys.  Then Junior North Red plays Junior North White.  Junior South Red plays Junior South White.  High School Red plays High School White.  The games are 15 minute halves and at each half time, the cheerleaders and the dance squads for each school are announced and have their first performance.  It's a big small town Friday night in this part of the country, where high school football is a serious matter.  The whole stadium was decked out in red, white and black.

Sounds great, right?  Sounds like a supportive and loving family would be there to cheer on their daughter and her school to victory, right?  Yeah.  We missed the WHOLE thing.  Nobody told me about the 15 minute halves and I thought I had plenty of time.  Missed it all.

But, I did get Samantha to pose for a picture afterwards, and at least Rachel was there for it all with a bunch of Rachel's and Samantha's friends.  Rachel said she cheered with the crowds when they announced {{{{ SAMANTHA  BALL }}}} (I was trying to make her name echo through the stadium.  Cheap special effects.) 

1 screams from the fans...:

Sarah said...

I heard the echo! Congrats to Samantha for making the team! Hard to believe how grown up your kids are. Enjoy every moment...they go away way too fast!!!