22 May 2012

Stingers, 2012

Jay Michael, Hope, Walker, Jason, KK, Whitney and Nathan
Stingers, 2012

What a great group of 4 and 5 year old kids.  They played in the heat and in the rain; they ran drills; they {tried} to learn the rules of the game of soccer.  They learned to pass the ball and come togther as a team.  Sort of.  Mainly, they laughed and goofed off.  They watched the passing trains and kicked up the dirt.  I was worried that our little man was too small to play and too young to understand the rules.  But no, he was ready and he learned so much.  Thank you to Coach Tim - Jay Michael had a great experience with his first organized sport.  We had to drag him away after every practice and game.  Thank you.

We did this "victory tunnel" after every game.  So. Darn. Cute.
Look at those happy faces!

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