14 August 2011

The Close of Summer 2011

WARNING: tons of pictures! (yay!)

Goodbye Summer 2011. We were good together, but, we must move on. Here are a few last shots: some goofy, some sweet, and most of them a good mix of sweet/goofy.

Samantha and Laura captured paratroopers on Fourth of July

Road trip shots - a lollipop meets PacMan. c/o Rachel

Rachel and Samantha showing their personalities at my office. They rode their bikes there one day and had lunch with me.

Rachel working hard at Keeper Camp. In the HEAT...

Cool shot of Joey at the top of the slide at the playground.

New haircuts and lost teeth!

Goofballs at the store. We were waiting on a prescription....

The swimmer in her element. Charlie at practice.

The "little three" cruising the backyard in the Barbie Jeep.

Posing for Mom at the Park.

Goodbye Summer 2011 - hello school and cooler weather.

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smiles and hugs to everyone grand mom forgot the password