10 September 2010


Josephine just loves her mother. She shows me every morning when I TRY to take her to school. She won't just jump out of the van and skip merrily to class. No. I have to walk in the building with her, deposit her to her classroom, where her patient and understanding teacher then peels her away from me so that I might escape. Some of her older sisters went through a phase like this, but, not to this extreme or for this long.

The first help in this situation of cutting the apron strings was a friend from church. "E" is in kindergarten at Josephine's school, though not in the same class. Her family lives not far from us. So all last week, Josephine (and Charlotte) were able to ride to class with "E" and her Mom. The first day, Josephine refused to get into their van, but, the second day, she hopped right in and didn't look back. "E" walks home in the afternoons with our little ladies, Charlie and Joey, so that helps, too.

And then, after about a week of riding with "E" in the mornings, Joey announces that she is ready to ride her bike. Charlotte was thrilled, since she has patiently been waiting for her little sister to brave the bike ride. One step at a time, I suppose. Go, Josephine, go!

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angelalois said...

OK so I watch those WalMart commercials about moms sending their little ones on school buses and I just CRY!! I LOVE being the most important (only??) person in my baby's life! I can't imagine having to share him with teachers at SCHOOL! How do you manage? Sigh. I hope my guy is like Josephine. So I continue to feel loved....