12 May 2018

Ma, 2018

My Mom (Juanita Marie Anson Brumbley) is the cutie on the top right.  This picture was taken about 1966, before she became a young bride.  From the top left we have my grandfather, Paul Anson, holding Lonnie.  Next to him is my grandmother, Thelma Lorraine Patton Anson.  Then Mom, about age 18.  Holding the dog in the front row is Robert, then left to right are Paul, Jr. and Tammie.  

This is more recent picture of Ma (2016) - With me behind her and my brothers - David, in the glasses - and Eric.  I love this picture.  It's so genuine.

Most recently - Ma and me - Shake Shacking.  We were actually out this year on the Saturday before Mother's Day because we had an errand to run and no one in my house was up on a Saturday morning in enough time to go with us.  That turned out just fine; we had a Mother's Day lunch early.

Ma is always ready to step in.  She also knows when to hang back.  She taught me to be kind and respectful.  She taught me to solve the problem and be resourceful.  She taught me to do the right thing and to always be an example to those around me.  She taught me to be a good person, a friend, and a mom.  She also taught me to cross stitch and to create and to imagine.  I work to make her proud.  Isn't she still so cute?

05 May 2018

Thrashing her grades!

Josephine loves school.  She loves it because she's good at it.  Period.  She's in the STEM program - accelerated classes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Still, she gets straight A's.  Last term when she got straight A's we signed her up for violin lessons.  That's not going so well, because she really wants to take piano, but, she presses on.  This time, we decided a little road trip was in order and we headed to the beach for a treat - Thrasher's.  We left in the late afternoon and it was freezing cold when we got there - maybe 40 degrees - tops.  So everyone else waited in the car while Josephine and her friend Aurora (pictured) and I got in line.  We were next - mouths watering and shivering simultaneously - when we heard the unthinkable from the dude behind the counter - "That's it, folks; last order; all out for today."

We had just driven an hour across the Shore to get a treat for our brilliant daughter, and WHAT?  Josephine and I just looked at each other in disbelief.  Could it be true?

Then, the heavens opened and a light shone through the darkness.  Thrasher's dude called to me and said, "hey, Ma'am.  We can do one more.  What can I get you?"  {choirs singing}

I said, whatever you have left is fantastic, thank you.  And they were.  Yum.

Sidenote, this photo was originally taken with the Live feature on my iPhone.  It doesn't work here once it's transferred to the blog, but, on the Live feature, the photo moves for the second before and after you capture it.  On my phone, you can see the silver door closing on Thrasher's behind Josephine and Aurora.  Saved the best for last!

30 April 2018

Rachel - April 2018

Rachel is now firmly entrenched in Arkansas.  We have decided that she will have her own monthly blogblurb.  New word entering the lexicon right here.

In April she has established a new schedule at Tasty Freeze, resumed her role as shift leader and approached her boss about a raise.  She got the raise.  The roommate situation was not working out at the her house, so, some people moved out and some people came on board.  Rachel is currently occupying the living room, now used as her bedroom - pretty large and comfy.  Access is always through the back door anyway.  The roomies (including Grace's cat, Aggie) are sharing the house and chores, adding mowing to their lists now with the kinder weather.  School will begin anew in the summer and life rolls merrily along until graduation.  Paycheck to paycheck, but, scraping by on her own.  Miss Independent.

Rachel had a scare this month - she called 911 for the first time ever.  She used her cell phone of course, who has a landline anymore?  They were very responsive and knew her location immediately.  Amazing.  The night went like this:  it was two in the morning.  She was at home alone - her roommate Grace had taken some friends home.  As she was getting ready for bed, she heard a crash, then Aggie screeched.  Her wild imagination went into overdrive - obviously, there was an intruder in the next room and he had just violently crushed the cat's life in order to clear the path to Rachel.  She panicked and dialed 911.  There she was met with a very understanding lady who talked her through the steps of investigation which lead to a cat who knocked over a mug and vomited all over the floor.  Gross, but, a much better scenario.

Rachel is single again.  She's been on a date or two, with no magic or fireworks.  There are other fish in the sea, it's just a really, really, big sea.  We miss her and I talk to her everyday.  I'm so glad she talks to me too, and her Dad and her sisters.   She watches JMichael play baseball through videos we take.  It's not the same, but, she's never far from our hearts.  

Splash - April 2018

I like the April 2018 splash because as I pose my kids and search for ideas, April Fools Day is on my mind.  This splash has a fooling element to it.  The image of Rachel is from her new home in Arkansas.  The little four are actually standing on the pier in Maryland.  Yes, it's pretty obvious that Rachel is not really with her siblings, but, maybe I'll get better at this.  I can't imagine a splash without her - without all five.

29 April 2018

Billy Squier & GE Smith

I have been a Billy Squier fan since I first heard him sing to me in high school.  Solid.  He doesn't tour extensively; he hasn't produced new music in a few years.  I never stopped loving his albums.  My kids know more Billy Squier songs than the average kids their age - it's required.

James and I have a list - which is getting shorter and shorter - of bands we want to see live.  Billy has been at the top of my list for years.  So, it happened - in a small venue just outside of Philadelphia, The Ardmore Music Hall.

Here he is - small, but, real - and he sang to me.  He arranged his songs differently, but, I knew the words anyway.  He was personable, funny and genuine.  Short of paying longer, he was great.  He had a guitarist with him - GE Smith - who played the blues and James loved every bit of it, too.  It was wonderful.

17 April 2018


I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in my car waiting on various children.  Today, I discovered that my car is ok with that.  What a smile!

09 April 2018

Easter, 2018

For Easter this year, we decided it would be a truly long weekend, since the kids had no school on Friday or Monday.  Mom was cooking Easter dinner on Sunday, so on Saturday, I took the middle ladies up to hang out with their grandmother for the night.  They made some stickers for mugs with mom's newest toy - her Cricut - and watched Jumanji - the new one.  James, JMichael and I joined them on Sunday and stayed for supper - delicious, and the weather was delicious, too - we ate outside.  We had resurrection rolls and the kids hunted for eggs and candy like they were all seven again.  It was great.

This photo of Samantha and Mom in the WalMart parking lot was taken not just to show that Samantha can be pushed around by her grandmother - hahaha - but, also because as we walked out of the WalMart on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Samantha starting singing, kinda loudly, "I've got sunshine, on a rainy day...."  Well, Charlotte and I started to join in, as a man was walking toward us from his car into the WalMart.  Right on beat, he started with the backbeat - dum, de dum dum, dum, de dum dum.  It was great.  Strangers in the WalMart parking lot, singing and enjoying the beautiful day.  

Three ladies.  Left to right, Josephine, 13; Samantha, 18; and Charlotte, 15.
That's an airhead in Samantha's mouth, and don't worry, Charlotte's nose ring is not a piercing, although she lobbies constantly to have it done.....
Gotta love them.